Many tourist visits allow you to discover the richness of the historical, cultural and natural heritage of Pénestin and its region.

We offer you some ideas for excursions near the Ker-Lay campsite.

For more information on Pénestin, do not hesitate to consult the site of the Tourist Office of Pénestin.

The Rhuys peninsula

The Rhuys peninsula closes the Gulf of Morbihan and faces the offshore islands: Houat and Hoëdic, as well as the Quiberon peninsula.

It offers two faces: on the Gulf of Morbihan side, it reveals to visitors its rocky coves, its paths and its small ports such as Le Logeo, and on the ocean side, it offers its large fine sandy beaches. (Penvins, Suscinio) and is home to its marinas (Le Crouesty, Port Navalo, Saint Jacques).

On the heritage side, not to be missed, the visit of the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany in Suscinio or the megalithic site of Arzon, the cairn of Petit Mont.


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